Why Use Augmented Reality

I bet you have heard about „Augmented Reality“ many times already. But what is it good for, what does it really mean and how could this increase your income? Let us introduce you to the world of AR!

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Here Is the Thing

#1 break boundaries

Augmented reality lets you break boundaries. Imagine showing a product to your customer who lives far away. You´re no longer tied up to pictures and text.

#2 endless possibilities

There are no limitations in what you can create. All you need is a digitalized model, a smart device and a camera turned on. It’s fast growing and catchy.

#3 realistic models

Are you wondering how is this so realistic? The 3D model is covered by real material textures, uses artificial lighting and keeps the size ratio of its physical mate. Try it down below!

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See the Showcase
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Reasons To Use AR

Hey! Meet Laura.


Laura is a  potential customer. She’s looking for a new sofa to keep her flat stylish. She’s not sure about measurements and wonders if colors on the photo are realistic? Unfortunately she doesn’t have the time to go to the store.

Eshop Without AR

Laura switches to another shop closer to her flat

Laura is sad, as she ordered a sofa that doesn't look and feel as good as on the picture.

Laura wasted a lot of time, because she had to go to the store.

Eshop With AR

Laura happily throwing out her measuring tape, grabbing her phone and pointing a camera towards the living room.

Laura is about to try even more products, because why not. It´s fun.

Laura is sharing her experience with her friends at café. She has never met something similar before.

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Case Study

Laura has just found her favorite sofa. She really likes the sleek look.

Laura is reading the measurements and wondering whether she could fit it in her living room.

Technical sheet is fine, but it’s still not enough for her.

„Oh, there’s an AR button!“. Laura is going to take her phone and visualize the sofa . You can do the same. Just push the button.

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Success Stories
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We Can Make One For You

Do you like this solution? It’s helpful and comfortable, your eshop will be cool and Laura will be satisfied(!). Let us know and we’ll make a deal.